Saturday, September 1, 2012

Get On My Wavelength

WARNING: this is going to be a long post.  Sorry I'm not sorry.  It had to be done...there's too much great stuff I want to share!  So if you've been following my outfit posts at all you've noticed that I've kind of been in a monogamous relationship with pastels.  Actually looking like an Easter egg has pretty much been my jam for the past two years, but I feel like it's time to move on.  I mean one night stands with my pastel diaphanous dresses are going to happen but I want to spend time with some more challenging and intense this metaphor has gone on for too long...

My new tunes of choice have influenced this change.  Even though I think I'm the happiest I've ever been (I'm telling you moving to Brooklyn is where it's at) I'm strangely really getting into early goth, post-punk, new wavey least more than ever before.  One of the bands I've been playing non-stop is Wasted Youth, a Brit band from 1979-1982 (not the LA hardcore band the idiots at Itunes and Spotify keep getting them confused with because you know all punk music sounds the same to them ghaa).  The entire From the Inner Depth album is amazing but these two tracks, both focused on gender identity really are gems.

   Then I went to the Beacon's Closet in my new hood and one of the sales associates' awesome playlist of danceable dark music was on (you know I was dancing for way tooo long in the fitting room!).  Then the most earthshatteringly catchy and brooding song came on and I asked one of the fitting room gals who it was and she brought back a little bit of looseleaf with the artist's name & song title (so sweet).  Apparently it's this really unknown synth-noise band from 1982-1985 whose work was only released on cd in 2011.  This is the song:

Listen to their Signals From Afar album it'll have you dancing for hours & this video will too:


   Also I've been doing research on this place called the Batcave that was a London nightclub in the 80s and one of the most well known meeting place for early goths.

What I love so much about the beautiful people in these videos is that they have so much fun with their clothes and have a great sense of humor.  There's also so much great DIYing and thrifting going on.  It's a very childlike and creative approach to dressing that I relate to.  And the sense of community is so important to them.  And hand dancing lots of spastic hand dancing.      
 Me being a Batcaver:

Dress and shades vintage from etsy, docs borrowed from Mattie, Chris Habana necklace

Batcave Aspirations:

Taken from the Batcavers tumblr
I leave you with some more beautiful 80s club videos to enjoy watching on your labor day weekend (because what else can you do but close your curtains to block out the sun and your neighbors' BBQs, stay in your own batcave and watch these beauties)
There are the cutest interviews starting at 1.10.35



  1. I'm in love with your outfit! It is to die for! Also, I'm digging this 80's goth aspirations.

  2. YESSSS 80s goth is a hugely underrated slice of time. goth was developing into the subculture that it would later become, and music and fashion played a huge part in this. are you familiar with now this is gothic? i have a feeling you'd probably be into it.

    1. Apparently I follow now this is gothic, but I totally forgot about it! Thanks for reminding me, such a great tumblr!

  3. You look so completely amazing! I had never heard of the Batcave before so thanks for sharing. <33

  4. That dress is pretty cool, and that hair part of the 80s is fantastic.