Thursday, September 6, 2012

Degen S/S 2013

The women of this Goo blog were honored to attend Degen S/S 2013 at Industria on Tuesday. Here are some snaps from the presentation.

First we got these really cute hans bellmer-esque tattoos (a permanent addition, perhaps?) 

We ran into Stella from Confessions of a Female Drag Queen who blew us away with her perfect hair situation, inborn modeling skills, and incredible PVC tote (which she made herself). We sipped on the free beverages and talked about the weirdness/stress of fashion week. We were relieved to know that we are not the only ones new to this strange and surreal universe. 

We asked Stella for a picture with her nails when she casually mentioned her foray into the modeling world with her Lanvin spread this season. Check her out in Harper's, dudez. Congrats Stella, you look incred. This girl seriously needs to start getting booked for everything. 

We were loving the silvery iridescent sideburn pubes

I (Mattie) was creeping on this little cherub hardcore. Objectifying hot male models 4life. 

Mattie: Eckhaus Latta mohair sweater, Ohne Titel knit underneath, vintage skirt from Etsy, Margiela shoes
Amanda: Vena Cava Dress, sequin squid top from Beacon's,  Opening Ceremony Boots

^Our outfit situations for the day^

 We love how light-hearted and childlike Degen's clothing is. Though fashion is an incredibly intimate form of expression for us, we also think a sense of humor and learning not to take anything too seriously in this business is essential. Our favorite creative people are always those with a sense of humor about their eccentricities. 


  1. Thank you for sharing this amazing experience with us, Degen collection is perfect and yours and Stella's outfit are always a huge inspiration!

  2. You girls look amazing! I saw a picture of you on Stella's blog and was freaking out!

  3. you ladies look amazing and this event looks like it was so fun! stella is too gorge.

  4. Degen looked so amazing, this season was pretty much my aesthetic in a nutshell. ANYWAYS, those boob tattoos are UNREAL and you need to get a perm one so i can live vicariously through you. Also, Stella <3 I love her, she is so wonderful

  5. Your tattoos are RAD. And wow, that collection is just super cool, can't get over the silver side pubes.
    Oh man. And Stella's just pretty much perfect! But so are you two!

  6. I just started reading your blog, this is really cool!
    I was you know the name of the *hawt male mahdel* that you were creepin on? he is a total babe