Tuesday, August 28, 2012

throughout the dark months of april & may

Right now I'm in a mode where I hate all of the clothes I own ( save for a couple of treasures ). I'm craving reinvention. I feel it creeping up inside my brain. It happens to me with every impending Fall season, as much as I try to fight it and be one of those people with like, a perfectly-curated wardrobe with ten perfect items. It's useless though, because my personal relationship to clothing is an expression of my turbulent inner world, which is always subject to change. 

marios schwab dress, prada collar, safety pin earring made by me, sweaty sunburn courtesy of the deteriorating ozone

My emotional dramatics feel at home in The inside cover art of Victorialand  

 I kept a picture in my head that looked something like this ^ while wincing through the sunlight all summer long. 


  1. Such a familiar feeling - so eloquently described!

    1. aw shucks, thank you! i love your blog by the way.

  2. I can definetly relate. As superficial as it sounds I am not completley thrilled with the current state of my wardrobe. That being said that top/collar combo has some major goddess vibes going on.

  3. god, victorialand is the soundtrack of a place that doesn't exist, but should. gets me every time.

  4. Yeah I get that feeling a lot, you can never complete clothing! I think the whole perfect, refined wardrobe means you actually do cull the excess gross clothes...which I cannot do! The hoarders show here I come :)Love your dress, I'm assuming that's a treasure!

  5. nice! love it :)

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