Saturday, August 4, 2012

I Love You Sugar Kane

So to continue my trend of counterfeit Christopher Kane I DIYed a pair of shoes to look like the ones in his gasp-worthy SS12 collection. The shoes Mattie and I found on a sketchy Ebay store have a heel so they look less doubty aka don't belong to a five-year-old boy who's always picking his scabs. If you remember that vintage Indian wedding dress I wore a month ago, I used some excess fabric off the top of it and after some trimming and super gluing viola! My Kane-ish shoes!

This project took me back to high school when I would cut up my old cartoon character underwear and hand me down fabrics from relatives and sew them on to tank tops and book bags.  I always had this need as a teenager (and today) to “beautify” everything I owned whether it be a binder, my closet door, or in this case a white pair of shoes.  This is much of what Kane’s SS12 collection was about.  He described the shimmering brocade fabrics as an homage to the wallpaper in teenage girls’ bedrooms and the fauna on the organza pieces could easily have been stickers on my Limited Too journal.  There’s something teenagery about this excessive need for beads and gems and sparkly things which makes sense because I am definitely a teenagery “grown up” and I'm super into bejeweling everything I own.

Here's the rest of my outfit:

(I took some styling inspiration from Meagan at Latterstyle and took the sash from my House of Matching Colours dress and used it to snazz up an old dress) 

Vena Cava dress, Urban Outfitters leotard, House of Matching Colours sash, shoes from Ebay

I'm working on some more beading projects right now....actually a lot of projects so expect to see some of those soon.  Who knows maybe I'll reach Leigh Bowery status and make a whole suit.
Get to WERK and try your own beaded DIY! Til next time!
- Amanda


  1. The beaded head is interesting... makes me think about things.
    Great job on the shoes, too, I'm myself gonna customize a pair so it's great to see something different than what I thought of.

  2. You look awesome as usual..those shoes are dreamy you've done an amazing job with customizing them! Also, I get really see how you've taken inspiration from Meagan.

  3. awww so flattered I've inspired you, truly! most of the time i feel like I'm just talking to the air haaaa. anyway super great idea about DIYing your shows, they kind of look better than the christopher Kane ones :3