Sunday, August 5, 2012

The other day me and my friends ventured out of our girlcave to Cake Shop to hear some live music and ogle all the shaggy-headed cuties with our 'female gaze' (not a real thing for anyone out there who is under the facile impression that reverse-sexism is real. It's not.).  It ended up being an off-night so we left early, but not without rummaging through the $1 vinyl bin. 

I couldn't find either of these artists' music online, but I bought them for the alluring wiles of their cover art anyway! The album above is an angel-winged CAT set amdist an amorphous, hazey pastel atmosphere. Obviously it needed to adorn our apartment. 

And here, Miss Lucia Hwong's getup has all the dreamy iridescence that I am constantly striving for in all aspects of life. This chick didn't waste money on her sick plastic turban & dress! Please! She just DIY-ed that janx. Her iridescence as well as her resourcefulness is my vibe for fall. 



  1. i love thee lucia hwong vinyl cover. she looks like a fairy. I too am trying to dress as dreamily as she does. Dollar records are the best.

  2. these are fantastic, lucia hwong really knows how to rock the silver clingfilm look xx

  3. These are awesome covers. Totally going to try to wear a plastic wrap turban now... this will probably not end well.