Tuesday, July 31, 2012

So I got a Rodarte sweater. This is probably the single garment that I've sustained lusty fashion feelings for for such a prolonged period of time. I remember seeing the black & red cobweb dresses in Lula when I was still in high school, thinking if I could only get my hands on one my gothic heart sing This Mortal Coil songs into the ether. 

Sorry (I'm not sorry) for the bordering on excessive amount of photos of myself in this post. This sweater is so dynamic & beautiful I needed to showcase it in all it's candy-floss ethereal glory. 

rodarte swearer, thrifted armani tube top, rag & bone skirt, shoes from ebay, lipstick by makeup forever.

fashun dream coma

wuv it so much it hurts


  1. BEAUTIFUL, it looks like sugar hiccups...ur gonna luv ur sweater forever...just take good care of it, because it so delicate. i keep mine in a bag in my dresser.

  2. awesome. that second picture is just perfection. nothing more nothing less. like an ecstatic candy floss angel about to take flight.

  3. you're so amazing! your whole blog is! I love your style, looks like fun!

  4. that sweater is too perfect. omg. i am so jealous.

  5. Sigh, rodartes earlier collections are possibly some of my all time favorites.
    That sweater is kind of like a cotton candy cloud-like dream. In sweater form. Too perfect.

  6. where how did you get that sweater omfg such a dream
    You rock it girl