Sunday, July 22, 2012

Another Land

Amanda in deadly gorgeous House of Matching Colors Dress, rhinestone hand chains from Indian jewelry store on Broadway & 29th, tinsel harness, clips from the dollar store. 

Mattie in DIY-ed hairclips, Electric Love Light top, neckpiece from Ebay, Rodarte Van Gogh skirt, Margiela shoes 

We really want to start pushing ourselves to produce and style our own stuff rather than just static outfit posts in front of our weird converted tenement building next to the construction site and the garbage cans. It's also really empowering, in the sense of creating yr own media and fashion images that aren't slick and overproduced, but also in the sense of just 
creating  (even if its imperfect) rather than waiting for Katie Shillingford to scoop us up in her Gareth Pugh clad arms and ask us to work with her at Dazed (ideal scenario, tho).

 We're really inspired by our neighborhood Two Bridges, which is one of the last untouched Manhattan neighborhoods. It's decidedly un-hip with plenty of unintentionally fabulous weirdos traipsing around. The sidewalks overfloweth with day-glow silk flowers and other strange dollar store wares intermingled with cellophane wrappers and other wayward garbage. Amanda and I have been ruminating on this photoshoot for a really long time-- something inspired Two Bridges and its strange prettiness alongside what some may deem tacky & cheap. We had this idea in our heads about alien ghost geishas who could only shop at the dollar store but turned it out anyway. We were somewhat ill-prepared for this shoot and didn't accomplish everything we had in our minds' eye, but this is just our first crack at the concept. We have some really cool things in the works that we're beyond psyched for, so check back! 


  1. What. How does this even exist. You guys are amazing and perfect.

  2. JFC i can't. i can't even. wow. just wow. you guys are worlds beyond. well fucken done.

  3. wow
    staring at the photos because the styling is really, really cool. you guys should def. be scooped up by dazed.

  4. Wow, this is completely perfect. Just PERFECT. Really really amazingly perfect. As in I cannot truly express how perfect it is because that is impossible because it is just too perfect!
    (Does that make sense to anyone that isn't me?)
    I really understand what you mean about creating your own fashion for yourselves. I've been really interested in the idea lately, and experimenting with it myself too.
    But oh my unicorns, this post is just so perfect.

  5. These are amazingly fabulous, you're so talented and magical! The blue sheer dress is so perfect x

  6. You guys are SUCH alien ghost geishas. Or New Delhi/Ukrainian Miss Havishams, wrapped in dreams and glitter x