Sunday, July 15, 2012

Copy and Paste

Daisy clips from Etsy, Handmade dress, Mattie's boots from Bess

I think most of us have a picture or two from the Autumn/Winter 2010 Christopher Kane collection still hanging around on our desktop or thought about snagging those pieces that have been on Yoox forever.  The clothes look like they belong to a leather daddy who likes to garden in his spare time, a look that displays that neurotic and cliche hard/soft dynamic that is the stuff of fashion editorials...and my wardrobe and every other gothy romantic chick's.  So when I found this dress on Etsy I gasped.  A Christopher Kane dress for $50! But on closer examination I realized it was a handmade confection (probably from a fashion student or something).  The thing that tipped me off was the Marc Jacobs label sewed to the inside.  Copy Christopher Kane and try to pass it off as Marc Jacobs, interesting approach.  I still wear the dress anyway, not too different than buying something from Asos.   

No Weeds Here!  Bloom-spiration!
Clockwise: Drew looking fly in the 90s (More on daisies), Moths via tumblr, Christopher Kane Autumn/Winter 2010, Ariel Pink is a babe, Deee-lite album cover, Vintage RuPaul and a random smiley face, Still from Wigstock (the best movie ever!- WATCH IT NOW!, Grace Miceli illustration.

Mattie's dad bought us this stunning butterfly collage from the Chelsea Flea for $20! (It almost made dealing with the looney tunes there worth it).  I added another butterfly, silvery paper and some photo booth pics of Mattie & I from the time we went to Westway to see THE Latric Royale.  It makes me smile so much.

Kisses from me


  1. dunno who looks better, you or ms Barymore! love this post. holly x

  2. Dying over that dress <3

  3. That dress is a real bargain anyway, I'm one of those who collected tons of Christopher Kane past collections photos, so I really's breathtaking!Great hairclips, you look amazing!

  4. I love weird, different and unique, so I think I have arrived home.
    Following and adding you to my blogroll inmediately, yeahhhhhhhhhhh

  5. Lovely outfit! You have amazing style, so much for going on for your blog! :D

    Emma x

  6. This outfit is beautiful!
    -Maanii xo

  7. Thanks for all the love ladies!

  8. you guysssss. this blog makes me so haps. amazing dress, and HOORAY for leather daddies who love to garden xx

  9. I love this dress and entire look so much! gah! too much! only just stumbled upon your blog x

  10. holy fuck, that dress is too perfect for words, verryyy christopher kane. also your moodboard is super bitchin