Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I've always been obsessed with postcards. Something about the tactility and the littleness of them obsessed me. I inherited a lot of postcards from my dad who also has a sizeable collection of the most amazing things. Ms. Goo #2 also shares my penchant for all things kitschy, weird, and simultaneously beautiful so our postcard collection has grown together. This is just a glimpse...there's more to come. 

A Victorian die-cut postcard in my birthday package from Amanda this year 

 Pierre et Gilles from PS1 (this one Amanda's) 

I sent this to Amanda when I left her for a semester to study abroad in Paris, because we are in a lesbian serial killer celibate relationship. 

 Amanda's find from Etsy. These usually hang on out wall around this fake Henry Darger amateur art piece that we have.

 A postcard my dad got in NYC in the 70s 

 I got this one in a flea market in Paris. The detail of the flowers is amazing and the sinuous art nouveau lines and the washed out colors....

Handmade by this cute little man who runs the letterpress at Bowne & Co. This postcard is literally me. A weird little pansy blob creature, floating in a nebulous dreamy atmosphere. 

Amanda got this one in Baltimore it looks like it's from a tripped- out funeral home or something. 

Awkward vintage love shots. I got this one in a junkshop in Portugal. 

Mermaid Bligh Doll

Vintage embossed easter postcards from Etsy 

Here's a video of Christopher Owens talking nerdildy/endearingly about his stamp collection, which is kind of that same thing as my postcard obsession/we are destined duh doi obvi. 

love to all of you beautiful weirdos - xmattiex

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  1. Oh my gosh I adore them all!! I collect vintage postcards too, especially ones of edwardian actresses! This post is perfect to me!