Friday, July 6, 2012

"They can't smell you over the internet."

fashun ecstacy

 beetle bangle by this wonderful jewelry designer on etsy, ring from hello sari, bracelet thing from 25th st. 

vintage shirt from beacon's closet, pants from etsy, dirk bikkemberg shoes

feelings towards sunlight

Today was a self-care day so I dressed like a genie mermaid and bought bath products and ate really yummy food. I'm so into the dreamy print of these pants, I feel like I could get lost looking into them like the eternal blossom-filled lake of my sorrow. If you ever look at my tumblr, you'll know I'm super obsessed with all things silver, so this top was a no brainer. 
The source of this post's title is from the entirely synthetic fiber content of this outfit, which manages to absorb all the scents NYC has to offer. After like two sweat-filled hours of walking around, the stank was tangible. (TMI? sorry not sorry) But I felt fly today despite the heat. 

x Mattie 


  1. oh those trousers are amazing. you two cool cats are the best thing that happened to the world of blogs in a long while!

    1. DUDE thank you! That is so kind of you! Just stalked your blog after reading this comment and you m'lady are pretty cool yourself. x ❤ x

  2. You know, your "attitude" reminds me of the girl who played Lisbeth in the first movie adaptation of the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.
    Which is kind of badass... Love your hair too.

  3. Your hand-jewelry-situation is fantastic <3

  4. That beetle bangle! Ahh, bug jewelry is the best kind of jewelry. Always.

  5. I'm really lovin this outfit <3