Saturday, June 16, 2012

They Want 2 Burn The Witches Inside Us

I just got this mesh sweater at Beacon's closet. I always have a measure of trepidation when buying pieces from the 90's, because of its current trendiness, but mostly because of the questionable quality. But something about it evoked the Meadham Kirchhoff red & black sheer laciness from a couple years back.  I'm not sure I'm into it yet, but I can't really afford anything right now so it will have to do. 

top from beacons, necklace from etsy, amanda's skirt, risto bimbiloski petal shorts

I just started this new job with a super strict dress code which is internally v*e*r*y difficult for me to abide by. On my days off I've found myself dressing with an extra dose of teen-goth angst. It’s no secret that many of us who suffer from the fashion disorder are undercover social weirdos, who use clothing to mitigate & express our identities. My self-presentation is an antidote to my social anxiety. Being told what to wear makes me want to slather on an extra layer of eyeliner and scowl at the world like my all black-clad preteen self who liked spent hours alone together with Ian Curtis & Robert Smith. 

This is a collage of what my teen (and current) fashion soul looks like-- as you can see it's heavy in the sass, makeup, choker, and sorrow department. No matter how my style evolves and changes, there's always a little drop of goth soul in the mix somewhere. Pictures include: A gothed out Virgin Mary*a grainy snap of an uncharacteristically moody Kate Moss,  unknown image of a rose-petal dream disaster, a screen-cap of a cool goth girl from an episode of Law & Order, all heralded by the wonderful Grace Miceli stickers that I just got in the mail today.

*Duh bc where would goth style be without its aesthetic re-appropriation of catholic imagery? 

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  1. ugh, having a job where you can't dress the way you want is like a tiny piece of your soul die everyday. that said, it does make it a bit more special and freeing when you have days off to wear whatever you want! i get sad because i barely have the ability to wear some of my more beloved pieces but it is that more special when i do. luvvvv the risto shorts. that petal print that he did is really genius.