Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Free As My Hair, Y'all

 Today we went shopping with our lovely roommate Eva. We all had the day off so we kind of just walked around without a care in the world and tried on pretty stuff at JF & Son. There's this gorgeous silver leather maxi mermaid-y skirt that we're all lusting over. The owner also told us that our girl Grimes was recently in and bought this, which obviously sent our crushing into new dimensions (Grimes, Grimes, Grimes). 

joomi lim necklace, englush mohair punk sweater from ebay, 
rodarte x opening ceremony tattoo tights, doc martens 
versace versus skirt from ebay, bag from beacon's closet 

Hair emergency moments: I just got my do freshened up so tried to preserve its post salon glory for as long as possible in the rain by wearing this plastic bag from Kohl's as a kerchief on my head for most of the day. 

vintage blouse from polly sue's, skirt from dillard's, opening ceremony boots
This post obviously isn't going to be super profound or anything, just pretty outfits mostly, and this obscure jam by Cinnamon that always puts us in a good mood. 


  1. Babe attack omg. Where on earth do you find such beautiful clothes *_* That cinnamon song is ~my jam~ as of 5 minutes ago

    1. Isn't Cinnamon so good!? I discovered them via this girl's mixtape who i was supposed to be in a band with once upon a dream, along with cibo matto. it was formative.