Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Etsy Post

Okay so I’m addicted to online shopping.  Let’s be real, many a weeknight (and sadly weekends) you’ll find me hunched over on my bed like this, lost in the “You May Also Like" on Yoox and anxiously gripping a tub of hummus while I count down the seconds until I’ve won those platforms that I SWEAR will change my life on Ebay.  I'm fairly positive that in the future I will be both blind and arthritic because of this.  My obsession started when I was a wee fourth grader with my intense love of the American Girl website, and when I discovered Ebay in high school I lost my shit.  Let’s just say I made a lot of unfortunate purchases in my excitement (awkward 80's clothes and colorful sneakers were involved).  Now Etsy is my website of choice.  I’m in good company, I mean Courtney Love might have even killed Frances’ cat with her Etsy hoard.  Mattie and I have our own collection of Etsy trinketry and bric-a-brac stuffed into our apartment.  We always say that if anyone broke into our apartment they would see all the weird religious/creepy girly things and think we were either serial killers or renegade nuns and make a run for it.  Mattie describes our décor as reminiscent of Ms.Kathy Bates' aesthetic in Misery. I'm into it.  Looking at my Etsy favorites I'd say they fit into these categories:

 forever 21 top, urban outfitters leotard, vintage skirt from etsy, and converse

Yes, I made a pie chart on Microsoft Excel- that's how serious I am about Etsy! Only there can you find a vintage Indian wedding dress with more beading than gee-vonch! I'm only wearing the bottom here and I hacked off part of the inner skirt so my knees could get some air.


  1. I literally gasped when I saw this skirt - it's stunning in form and the beadwork is INSANE. Amazing find.

  2. Girl I was trying to channel your House of Matching Colours dress! I can't tell you how many times I searched sheer and beaded in my etsy/ebay searches to find something that matched that dress' amazingness.