Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dirty Goo Boots

The Sonic Youth nerds among you might have an inkling about the significance of our blog title, but it probably leaves others bewildered. Never fear, we'll write about the enigmatic origins of Goo on here soon, but until then I wanna write about the  p e r f e c t  pair of boots, and the comic book that inspired me to buy them. 

"I thought she was going out with the bassist from Permanent Fad" 
"Whatever, her vintage store on Etsy is super shitty anyway."

Wendy (available here) is a comic book about its eponymous heroine, on her journey to art stardom and all her foibles along the way. It reminds me of my friends and our artistic aspirations that are sometimes overcome by Tumblr & Etsy binges. Wendy also has some killer looks-- she made me want to dress like a post-punk minimalist forever.

Opening Ceremony boots
I had to get some closed toed shoes for this new job I have, and instead of going to Aerosoles to buy some sensible footwear like a normal person, I went to Opening Ceremony and tapped into my life savings to get these babies. They have like these angular heels and semi-pointed toes that make me feel like I'm all slanty and squiggled out like the illustrations in Wendy. They're like the perfect punk girl boot and make every outfit seethe with 'tude. 



  1. Ok, I found your blog via Meagan of Latterstyle and I AM IN LOVE. You two are so cute and stylish and awesome! Keep writing an awesome blog.

    1. ISABEL omg we luv you gurl THANK YOU **~~~hearts stars kisses~~~~****

  2. i'd never heard of wendy before but it looks BRILL. the animation kind of reminds me of marjane satrapi? and the oots are ace too. love your blog! xx

  3. ORDER IT!!! It's so good. I've been meaning 2 check out Persepolis too forever