Saturday, June 23, 2012

Some T No A

Christina Ricci in Now and Then
When I was young I never got that part in movies where girls prayed for boobs. I was definitely in the Roberta from Now and Then camp and believed that tatas = embarrassment.  I knew that there was a such thing as right boobs and wrong boobs and mine were of course the latter, more areola than boobage and transparent like blob fish.  All they meant to me was more body parts to sweat from.  Through many years of therapy sessions with my cha-chas which really means reenacting THIS SCENE every night. I’ve learned to own what I got.


So I embellished this top with the same sense of humor about my body that you see in this post.  It came out a bit like something that would be on regretsy but I don’t give a shit.  Anne Hollander says in Seeing Through Clothes (a great book for anyone interested in art/fashion theory & the female body) that in art “the breastplates of certain armed allegorical female figures-descendents or cousins of the classical Athena- might have breasts separately molded in armor, like special weapons.”  That was what my shirt felt like today.  Even though my bra was visible I got less catcalls than when I wear a pretty dress.  It was as if my top was saying I’m aware of what you’re looking at and I will not be sexy, I’m going to laugh at you.      


My Mammary inspiration:

Summer days require outfit posts on the ground because ya know what else do I got to do 


  1. Yes I totally agree with you on the whole boobs thing. I'm actually a AA cup size and because of this all I ever did last year was complain about my boobs, now I can accept them which is one of the greatest things ever. P.S your top is super rad.

  2. Love the top :D I made a top like that last year, so preeetty! That TLC photo is so cool too.

  3. This shirt is awesome! I love sassy tops that sort of highlight yet mock nipples at the same time. You are awesome. I must admit, i definitely REALLY wanted boobs so badly and still kind of do, but I'm happy with what I've got.

  4. holy crap I love your blog, i totally get you about the boob thing. I'm 16 and I don't even fit into training bras, and like I know a lot of girls wish they had boobs and a lot of flat chested girls got a lot of flak for not being developed in highschool. But I guess that it never really bothered me so people never bothered to pick on me?

    idk I guess when girls always complain about their bodies I feel kinda weird because I don't wish my body was like anything else? It's sad that it's weird to be happy with your body


  5. Ammmmazing top! Such a good idea! And your inspiration is excellent. Basically those TLC photo is the greatest thing in existence.
    I definitely get what you mean about "right boobs" and "wrong boobs" too. I've never really understood the whole fascination with big boobs either... It's just another thing society uses to drain girls of self esteem.

  6. ahahaha this totally reminds me of the scene in mean girls when regina george proudly wore her boob t-shirt around school and started a trend. especially love this with the brocade skirt.

  7. How can something so well made be on regretsy? It reminds me of that painting of Venus where she wears shells over her boobs. (I'm not really a good writer, it's a very beautiful painting whose title and author I forgot!)
    It's so cute especially with the necklace.
    Also your post was really funny and sort of instructing.