Friday, May 4, 2012

My Friend Goo

fringe beaded cape (valentines gift from mattie) from hello sari, asos top, versace diy-ed jeans, converse sneaks

Images clockwise from left: Catherine Opie Rodarte Book, David Altmejd, Catherine Opie Pigpen with Crown, Unknown, Aurel Schmidt Hairface, Cocteau Twins Head Over Heels Cover Art

vintage 1920's necklace, top from etsy, pants from etsy, lip tar from obsessive compulsive cosmetics, margiela platforms that i painted white

Images clockwise from left: Pietro da Cortona Glorification of the Reign frescoed ceiling, Brueghel's Virgin & ChildButterflies 1841 Artist Unknown, Skywave Synthstatic cover art, and Helena Christensen in Thierry Mugler 

Since our friendship was formed over fashion we've done a lot of thinking and conversing about the significance and power of clothes in our lives.  We both came to NYU with dreams of leading fabulous, fashun- filled, social, lives until we were hit with the reality  of being an NYU student which = crushing loneliness with no end in sight.  We're both introverted, socially challenged humans and during this time clothing was the only tool we had to tell people something about ourselves without actually talking. 

We eventually found each other. We've become empowered through our friendship because now  we can share  the fears and anxieties that made us feel weird and alone in the first place. Together we've learned to filter out the shitty parts about fashion that oppress us and try to use it purely as power and self-expression. Obviously that's easier said than done living in a culture that inundates women with messages about the utmost importance of being thin and beautiful--even harder for people who consume fashion media.

 We come from the same brain planet of fantasy and  we try create cocoons of our vision where we can safely exist. These are some outfits we wore the other day to the Brooklyn Zine Fest, accompanied with some moody inspirations that might have been floating around in our heads as we were bopping down the street that day. 

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  1. FANTASTIC outfits!!! i love the fringe and the floral pants. and the blue lips. and the hair