Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rippin off the Band Aid.

Hi Noodles & Kittens --
Since our awkward loner souls first connected over a studded Phillip Lim bag over a year ago, we've been talking about putting a blog together, and we're finally getting down to it. We've been reading blogs for ages, and have been inspired and awed by many ladies in the blogosphere. We hope to share our dreemz & fantasies (occasional realities from time to time), our style, weird thoughts, and obsessions. 

We put together a little questionnaire to break the internet ice so you can get to know us better. And, you know, casually decorated them. 

Mattie giving some dude the death stare

Amanda casually holding some fake flowers

Werq it out till next time.

x Amanda & Mattie

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