Monday, April 22, 2013

Gutted & Flower-Licked

This weekend we went to the Botanical Gardens for ze Orchid Show -- along with some other adventures. It's only the beginning of the new year and it's been frickin emotional as frick already. But out of extreme discomfort, madness, and puffy-eyes comes change. You might not be ready for it when it comes but it happens anyway. For me personally I feel like my whole entire being has experienced a shift that is hard to describe in non-cliche terms so I'll just leave it at that. But here's to being alive and feeling things and seeing things...and wanting more of that.


  1. WERKKKKK! These pics are so beautiful and gasp-worthy! lav it, lav you

  2. i miss u babies!!! mattie's new hair is too kewl and u look beautiful and super tough. love love.

  3. these photos are gorgeous. i particularly like the first one. :)

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