Sunday, December 2, 2012

Covered Saints

Mattie and I recently made clothes for a photo shoot with our pal/visionary/fellow weird girl  Lauren Poor. Lauren explains it better here but basically the idea was about covering the models bodies...taking the idea of ornamentation (something found in religious practices thus the saint part) to an excessive level so that the actual person is obliterated. It was really a dream to work with Lauren not only because her work is UBER good but she shares similar questions about what the hell this whole "fashion" thing is and how to use it for non-sucky purposes. It's also refreshing to meet creative people that really think critically about everything they do -- not just sending stuff into the world for no reason at all. Most importantly it was just awesome to make things with my hands. Since I haven't been taking art classes my urgent need to create kind of disappeared. This project reminded me of what a treat that it is.



  1. It's really intersting, I like it.

  2. I like Lauren Poor photography and you all created fantastic and visionary images with your creativity, I really appreciate this beautiful and interesting work!

  3. In the world of fashion, models, beauty and not to mention all the baggage consumerist culture drags along with it, there's almost too much too consider!

    Critical people <3 This Lauren Poor is clearly a talented lady!

    The whole 'obliteration' thing has grabbed my attention, would be interested to read more discussion on these themes too if you ever feel so inclined :)

  4. It seems really interesting! When I saw it, I thought the models' identities seemed to have been muffled... the pictures really translate the meaning well.
    Recently, I was thinking about how someone influenced my style a lot so much that maybe most people couldn't do the difference, and my style is so linked to my personnality that it was a bit of a mess to think of. Would someone be able to make the difference? And what about other parts of me that aren't really linked to my style... It's not really what it is saying, but it made me think of that again.

  5. Amanda, these photos are incredibly beautiful. Lauren is such a talent so I can imagine it must have been unreal to work with her. I think that so often "artists" will create art without really finding a reason for it. When I look at art I want there to be some sort of driving power behind it. You're one of the coolest ladies on the internet so I can't wait to see what you do next!

  6. WOW You guys! I'm soooooo incredibly excited and inspired to see this kind of exploration! This is completely along my own thought patterns on fashion and personal decoration! Yes we can use it as a platform for change, for freedom and to fight for good. Ultimately shoots like this and the way you guys and our peers dress prove that ultimately it can all burn away and the beauty left behind completely overshadows that material expression. Our minds are brimming with unimaginable wonder that all the art in the world couldn't possibly come near to showcasing it. WONDERFUL !!!!

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    xoxo Domenic