Thursday, September 20, 2012

Punk Might Be Dead But I Can Still Wear A Sweater

If you couldn't tell from my pushing of young knitwear designers (ahem Eckhaus Latta ahem Degen) I'm kind of into knits.  I love gothy cob-web affects and the disheveled drama (Mattie's rodarte sweater I mean....).  Violent gashes and slits in knits allow a weird revealing of the body yet provide me enough material to hide in.  Sweaters don't take themselves too seriously.  They're messy, idiosyncratic, and playful.  They're approved by grandmas and punks.  Plus they're comfy as fuck.

Picture of Ryan Lo's studio from Love

I've been thinking about Ryan Lo since I saw his work on Style Bubble some moons ago.  His work has that 99 cent store ornateness that is my everything when it comes to fashun, art, and junk. From a distance his clothes look like the crocheted booties and toilet paper accessories my great grandma made when I was a kid but he doesn't use yarn he uses a tulle material.  The kind that you'd use for a tutu.  

Photos from his Spring 2013 Collection in i-D (All the hip Brit mags are into it apparently):

AMAZING photos from Weaver's Study Course: Ideas and Techniques by Else Regensteiner posted by une collecte:

(Can I just wear this on my face at all times please. I think it captures my "inner world" or something)

I've been obsessing over this Kansai Yamamato knit jumpsuit from 1971:
 I can just imagine walking around NYC in this freaking people out...that's my idea of fun.

These photos from Punk's Dead by Simon Barker are pretty much my life inspiration:

Some pics of me wearing this strange/ugly/gorge sweater I found at Beacon's:
Excuse the awkward model face. I don't know who that is.
Vintage sweater and bag from Beacon's Closet and House of Matching Colours Dress

Vivienne is just serving dream fall vibes here.  I never get tired of this pic.


  1. Yes, I am really into the whole cobweb knit jumper thing! It's just a killer item to own. Yep Rodarte that means send me some sweaters. RN.

  2. SWEATERS ARE DA BEST, this post is so perf xoxox

  3. LOVE!!! I'm always been into mohair and this post is such a revelation!

    Your outfit is just perfect and the dress is wonderful to be matched to an ugly-fabulous sweater a great season's must have!


  4. I used to dislike knits but I think this post has just about changed my mind completely!! I mean who knew knits could be so witchy, punky, just great and FRICKIN AWESOME IN GENERAL!!!!!!! and and and your dress, can we just talk about how great it is!!!!! I really like the outfit!

    1. I'm so glad I opened your mind to knits that's so cool! And yes it is great's almost too great that I've only wore it out this one time. I think I'm afraid it's going to get destroyed or something. But fuck it I mean clothes are meant to be worn right? (unless you have some a 70s Vivienne Westwood piece or something) Also I'm kinda of getting into seeing how garments I have get worn out over time I think it adds I don't know a story to them, makes them more a part of you or something cliche like that.

  5. Best taste in everything ever. <3

  6. The platform boots circa1970... Now i know Complexgeometries and damir doma took ther inspiration from.

  7. You look so fantastic. I love your spiderweb sweater so much.

  8. this outfit is about a thousand more beautiful in person looked so gorg that day...

  9. Hey!! I just wanted to let you know that I'm doin' a give away over at my blog ( and since you are cool I would be honored if you entered!!!

    1. kool thanks for thinking of us <3 you are one of our very favorite blogs btw