Saturday, September 15, 2012

i should gash should i kiss you

volcano pants from beacons, alexander wang dress (cringing as i type those words), vintage necklace my dad got me in prague, Margiela booties

I've literally been wearing some permutation of this outfit for days on end. It's kind of a departure from my summer looks into what I'm feeling for fall (LOLBLOG WARNING: This is a ~*fall vibes*~ post)-- basically stormy moody hues, ornateness, body-obliterating layers, with tinges of tripped-out dreamprints here & there. I'm also experiencing this inexplicable impulse to huddle myself inside Persian rugs & other heavily woven textiles. Idk, you guys. 

Invocation of My Demon Brother. 1969, Kenneth Anger.

Romeo and Juliet (1968) 

Cocteau Twins
Head Over Heels cover art

Miki Berenyi of Lush

maisie cousins

maison martin margiela 2012

Ruslan and LudmilaAleksandr Ptushko, 1972

S/S 1992. Women’s show. Backstage.
Photography: Barbara Katz

cindy sherman x comme des garcons 

Le Triomphe de l'Amour avec entourage de fleurs (17th cent.) 
Daniel Seghers

This is an outtake from a little photoshoot thing I did with Amanda a few weeks back. I thought it was in line with the mood of the other photos. All photos of me are taken by Amanda in the Goobitat. 

(sorry the photo credits are patchy-- please alert me if you have any sources for these photos!)


  1. As usual, I completely love this.

  2. Clawing my face over those Margielas. An excellent vibes post.

  3. UGH. I was in love with the trousers...and then I saw the shoes. Perfectperfectperfectperfect!

    And fall vibes posts are the best vibes posts.

  4. Oh my god. Kenneth Anger, jellyfish and Martin Margiela. My head is floating away. I wanna see you wear those boots with really silly, fun socks sometime!! :)

    1. that would be ideal, huh? despite all my kool clothes i am mysteriously lacking in socks of any kind really. maybe I'll diy some tsumori chisato scenarios

  5. Mattie, you look so beautiful. This outfit looks like it's from a dream, really though. You basically have pinpointed my aesthetic. Oh and Ruslan and Ludmila is the besttt. I've been trying to track down a copy of that movie for ages but i've had horrible luck

  6. omg i have too ! have you ever watched it? i know nothing about it other than the fact that whenever i see stills of it on tumblr i find it so aesthetically pleasing. i'm gonna keep searching though.

    1. I actually just found a very questionable copy of it on youtube:

    2. you are amazing roma i'm watching this the second i get out of class 2day schweet

  7. The boots! ah! Love these photos, they're so beautiful x

  8. those boots are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen
    *sheds tear*

    The Lovelorn

  9. lol the lolblog warning. Love love the way you look. So amazing and those shoes are so cool. I took way to many pictures of them at the Margiela presentation.