Sunday, August 19, 2012

Raggie Nobody

Today the Goo women were reunited after a long hiatus. We spent the afternoon being tsunamis of femininity and getting inspired by outsider art. This is what we wore:


How pretty is this lip- shaped chocolate? How do I get my lip game in the same moldy/ glittery dimension as this caramel filled truffle that I promptly consumed after this photo was taken? 

Prada collar from the fairy collection: snagged on ebay, Ohne Titel knit from Beacon's, Rag & Bone skirt, Margiela shoes, vintage Hong Kong beaded bag from etsy

I'm digging the way the almost angular, art deco lines of the top and skirt are offset by the sinuous art nouveau Prada choker.*

I'd say the vibe of this outfit is approximately Gareth Pugh styled me for a Renaissance fair. Which I'm into! I'm actually very inspired by fantasy literature and Old English folklore in terms of moods that I try to capture with dressing (sidenote: I'm a huge nerd!). A comprehensive post on that is forthcoming!

*I was so obsessed with this collection for so many years! I can't explain how overjoyed that I tracked down this choker finally. 


 Opening Ceremony T-shirt, Urban Outfitters Sweater, Skirt by Elliot Atkinson, Stockings Rodarte for Opening Ceremony, Vintage Bag from Beacon's Closet, Doc Martens from Beacon's (Borrowed from Mattie)

So I bought this amazing Elliot Atkinson skirt on sale at Opening Ceremony.  Paired with my Urban-Outfitters-Rodarte-rip-off-sweater I felt like a cross between a  will-o'-the-wisp (if you've seen Brave you know what I mean) and one of those Rodarte dolls (which after my mom dissed my "piecey" hair I feel is like my soul sister or something).

These are some of the really inspiring pieces that we saw at the American Museum of Folk Art today. Preface: We are big fans of outsider art because it presents the inner worlds of marginalized people (ie. women, people of color, those with mental illness) with sincerity-- These works encourage us to create art on our own terms and without concern for money and the 'art world'.  

Log Cabin Quilt: Pineapples & Squares Variation by Mary Phelps Harris (date unknown) 

Untitled #700 by Eugene Von Bruenchenhein (1958) 

Human headed Blengins of Calverine Island Catherine Isles. Males. Venomous. Only the angels of heaven can combact these creatures.  Henry Darger (date unknown) 

Faces of Africa II by Bessie Harvey (1994) 
*The artist believed that trees had spirits and she saw people in them. She made art throughout her life despite raising eleven children as a single parent. 

Catherine Wilt by Jacob Maentel (1830-1832) 

Tinsel Painting: Horseback Rider Artist Unknown (1875)

Marie with Crown by Eugene Von Bruenchenhein (1940-mid-1950's) 
*Von Bruenchenhein took thousands of photos of his wife whom he called the "queen of his existence". 

Dorothy's World by Dorothy Yaffe Frank (1968) 
*"ethereal shimmery" quilt completed entirely in secret from family

We encourage you to look into these artists-- their stories are completely fascinating. 

We also bought these weird religious virtue bracelets that say faithfulness (they also had self-control, chastity, goodness) . We like weird, sad, religious, female, cheap things. 


  1. Thank you for sharing your inspirations, both your outfits are fantastic!The Prada fairy collection is one of my favorite ever, so lucky to find that stunning collar!I'm really in love with every single piece and with all the artworks in this post!

  2. Can I find a guy that considers me the queen of his existence please. In love with both your tops. That collar is perfect, man I gotta get my ebay on.

  3. i have so much love and inspiration and adoration and fascination for and from you ladies, thank you for being real diamonds in a world of cubic zirconia's, outsider art is so beauty scary wonderful brain patterns of poetry

  4. You guys are just so gorgeous. and your style is brilliant.
    I always get so inspired whenever I come over to your blog!

  5. All that art is amazing, I haven't heard of a couple of them, gunna go look em up!! In love with that pink chiffon ripped skirt, perfect!

  6. I love the shocker and sweater & skirt layered.
    Thanks for making us discover all these artists, it's great inspiration as I'm learning to draw amongst other stuffs (would be anyway) and helps to keep going not in that but in life.

  7. Just amazing as always! That quilt (and all the art!) is just beautiful

  8. these pieces are wonderful, makes me want to lie in the dark listening to daniel johnston. ALSO Amanda i love your bag, i need more chain mail in my life x

  9. You two are literally the most inspiring, beautiful women/girls (Idk your age...) and it makes me want to just get dressed like a grunge, pastel, goth, wonderful fairy every time I look at your blog!! Mattie, that collar is amazing!! and Amanda your whole outfit is literally the best thing ever!! You guys are such an inspiration!! Also this art is wonderful!!!

  10. Perfect skirt, the color and fabric structure.