Saturday, August 18, 2012


I haven't been this excited &  intrigued by a designer for quite some time~
I first spotted them on the cover of i LIKe my stYLe quarterly during my routine of browsing the magazine racks at my corner bodega. 

this sweater is a fall fever dream ( i must own it !) 

those geta wedges (i meaaaan) 

Zoe looking adorable with mossy mermaid hair

Mike in his own designs. 

Mike & Zoe met at RISD, Mike majored in scultpure, Zoe in textile design. Th

Their debut collection is comprised of idiosyncratic textiles-- hand-knitted (and LUCIOUSly TEXTURED, I might add) mohair, wool, fish skin, and fur  (as well as other really cool stuff that I don't know the official titles for. Professional ass fashion blogging 2K12!). Layers cast in dusty, earthy pastel hues lend the unconventional shapes a contradictive femininity, KOOL. I also think it's really interesting how the clothes obscure and reveal the body in an unexpected way #bodypolitics #dialectics. The silhouettes manage to somehow be both futuristic and primeval.

You can download ECKHAUSLATTA's full lookbook here. For those in the NYC area, their clothes are available at Maryam Nassir Zadeh and Opening Ceremony. I recently blew a paycheck on one of their minty green mohair sweaters, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase #NOGUILT. 

Check out this beautiful/fascinating film the Eckhaus Latta kids created for Nowness. It features elderly women in Chinatown in their daily practice of luk tung kuen and talking about their experience with tai chi. They all wear Eckhaus Latta garments of their own choosing. 

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